Mowery Family Farms


About Us


Mowery Family Farms was started in 2008, when I bought 3 cow calf pairs, off of a local farmer who was retiring. This was a dream of mine, I finally had graduated college and started my career, and could afford to do something with my family’s farm.   Our farm had been rented out for years and had mostly been used for corn production. The years of corn production had left the soil in poor condition. In the spring of 2008 my father and I started to take parts of the farm and return them into grass production and bring them back to good condition.

First Cattle 

Our goal is to raise good quailty grass-fed beef, that is raised naturally. We believe that beef can be raised locally and humanly without using as much fuel and equpiment that convetional farming does. We also belive that we can create a better product by doing so. Our animals get all the grass in the summer and hay in the winter that they desire.  

Making Hay